Managing Director | Founding Partner

Griff Gray

Griff HC Gray is a progressive campaign and elections professional with 7 years of experience working in field, data, and campaign management. After organizing for LGBTQ and environmental justice issues in school, an opportunity opened up to go knock doors in New Hampshire for Bernie Sanders. Those early days of intimate, issue-based canvassing conversations in the snow have continued to guide Griff’s political career. Most recently, Griff served as Director of the NextGeneration Alabama PAC, managing nine campaigns for Democrats in Birmingham and winning in a sweep, including all 7 first-time candidates supported.

Griff’s focus in electoral work has included strategic planning, field support, campaign management, candidate and leadership training, GOTV planning, platform and materials design and development, and fostering inclusive, safe places to work. A founding Campaign Workers Guild member and former Executive Council member, Griff ranks workers rights as a top priority and holds bargaining contract wins among his proudest achievements in politics.